Entry Location
Infinitesima , approaching zero, 2012.
Konii C. Burns
Oil & Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions (in cm)
160cm x 120cm
This large scale piece has been executed through the wet on wet technique with combination of oil and acrylic paints. Paint is manipulated , over a 24 hour period using lone arge house scraper and rotation of the canvas. This piece is conveying distruction felt in the ending of a relationship, being consummed by confusion , guilt and debilatating lonliness.
Konii C Burns is a regionally-based Australian artist . Her work is an emotional reaction to the environment in which she lives, be that internally or externally, spiritually or physically. When incapable of words, emotions are conveyed through visual documentation via painted and drawn surfaces. Konii has exhibited her work in nationally and internationally , she has also been a finalist in several art prizes, including the Albury Art Prize and the Susan Moorhead Memorial Award.

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