Entry Location
A New Hat
Alexandra (Sandra) Renneisen
Oil on Canvas
Dimensions (in cm)
40 x 50
From a new awareness born of the radical change in my life, I donned “A New Hat” when I began painting and left behind a career in design and business that had spanned the previous 30 years This self portrait was inspired by a photograph taken on board a boat in 2011 and painted two years later in 2013. Looking calmly towards the unknown and wearing a remembrance poppy to honour life past, there is both gentleness and a stoic strength in her demeanour
After undergoing life saving brain surgery at the age of 56, I was left physically intact but unarguably altered. An inspirational joy of life found expression in oil painting. One door closed and a new one opened to a world and life of artistic passion. Painting people became a new dimension in communication. I began short courses in Oil Painting at ACSA, and am currently engaged in part time studies there towards a degree in Fine Art.

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