Entry Location
Signs Sydney to Exmouth
Rebecca Anne Lee
Digital Collage
Dimensions (in cm)
120cm x 77.88cms
This digital composite is a collaboration of impressions that characterise the land, based on the humans branding of the landscape, creating the result of an implied culture that is unique from any other, through signs. It is this desire to explore the familiar & foreign during travelling, that this image recreates through visual exploration. The image contains over 4500 signs photographed on a road trip starting in Sydney, travelling across the south of Australia’s border to then up to Exmouth
Rebecca Anne Lee is an upcoming, passionate young artist whose works bring out the deepest messages with the simplest compositions. Her pieces are sought after and have been acquired by Crown Perth and The Kerry Stokes Collection. She works by photographing objects that are common to cultures and repetitively placing them in collages, which creates a visual exploration of these objects. Their unity from afar & their absolute variety up close, is the interactive play of travel that she represents

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