Entry Location
Karyn Hitchman
Oil on Canvas
Dimensions (in cm)
H40cm x W35cm
Ebony (artists niece) with a rare native NZ bird the Saddleback is an imagined scenario where the girl oozes confidence having this bird land on her hand and the bird is also confident in it's safety with Ebony
Having worked in the fashion industry in New Zealand for many years as a pattern maker & designer, Karyn (nee Tippett) made a lifestyle change in 2006 and moved to Queenstown, New Zealand for the magnificent alpine scenery, and to pursue her true passion - painting. Since then, and after running their successful guiding company for 8 years, along with learning and painting all she could, Karyn and her husband moved north to the Coromandel and she is now finally painting full time in her studio.

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