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Seeing Dusk Again
Cai Xiang Loi
Oil on Canvas
Dimensions (in cm)
89 x 71 cm
Seeing Dusk Again explores into a memory from my adolescent years of spending the evening at home waiting for my mother's return from work; every arrival of the train, from the opposite station, reflected the afternoon sun into the house interior, suffusing the room with a tenderness that invariably died off with the train's departure. A contrast against the tension of maternal yearning, it served as the foundation of a spiritual ephemera that vividly left its impression in my growing up years.
Loi Cai Xiang graduated with a diploma in fine art (with distinction) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He enjoys painting and finds pleasure in the meditative process of art making. He works mainly in oil and draws inspiration from his personal experiences and reflections of his environment. He is also a recipient of Tan Chay Bing and Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarships and had exhibited at various art fairs in Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore.

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