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Against A Wall.
Tracey Lee Cassin
Oil on canvas
Dimensions (in cm)
45.7cm x 61cm
A dramatic thought provoking and intensely colourful painting considering emotions of the heart. Wants, needs, failure, love and hate. Feeling as if one is ‘Against A Wall’ but with a window of opportunity existing to begin again. A heart that perhaps will heal through new love.
Tracey Lee Cassin a mainly self-taught artist who lives in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Her artistic style is contemporary abstract, often with the inclusion of natural and botanical elements, with works in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, USA, and Italy. Her practice is multi-faceted and explores many artistic aspects, in particular the fundamentals of space, shape and colour using a variety of mediums. http://tracey-lee-cassin-art.blogspot.co.nz/

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